HR Giger's Studiolo

The latest tape from Spencer Clark of Monopoly Child/The Skaters etc. I usually don't care much for his output
but this is really something else. 3h of hallucinogenic industrial-exotic baroque fantasy that builds on the original Alien soundtrack,
with gorgeous melancholic keyboard melodies interspersed with completely alien voice and sound effects that just pulls you right into
an HR Giger's biomechanical fever dream. Absolutely fantastic and doesn't sound like anything else I've heard before.

Tape 1
Tape 2

we are back !

Are people still even checking here??!

karl holmqvist - hymn to pan

a record of readings by the swedish poet and artsit, karl holmqvist.

joseph beuys & nam june paik - coyote III

recent bootleg of a 1984 recorded performance by joseph beuys and nam june paik. 
it consist of joseph beuys imitating coyote vocals which partly becomes human, 
over nam june paik playing his elegant and mundane classical piano mash-up. 
absolutely amazing !


robert ashley - yellow man with heart with wings

yellow man with heart with wings was composed in 1978 by Robert Ashley. 
it's a two part composition with narration. this one is never mentioned but is 
actually one of his best and most accessible release. it has the same kind of mild 
background instrumentation than "automatic writing" but with a fantastic synthesizer 
general sound. "part one is a narration by Guillermo Grenier in dreamy, flatly 
inflected spanish, backed by a four-note synthesizer track, and punctuated by 
mysterious, heavily processed vocalizations. in part two, the four-note synthesizer 
line returns, this time backing an ethereal, sustained chord, and the heavily altered 
english vocals sound 'like a distant rendering of the earth's electromagnetic halo'."

jos de gruyter and harald thys - the frigate

this is the music composed by Erik Thys for Jos de Gruyter 
and Harald Thys' video "The Frigate". it sounds like super fast classical 
music pastiche for a thriller movie sometimes morphing into great 
minimalist electronic sounds. this is actually a surprisingly nice and fun
record by these great contemporary artists. 
it was recently published by Grotto, you should definitely check this out.

the pickle factory - our anthems

recently unearthed 1996 recording by the trio of Scott Foust & Karla Borecky of 
Idea Fire Company, plus Mike Popovich. Just a fantastic LP, 
this is a kind of a 'pop' take on the IFCO sound, a series of beautiful 
sound vignettes in the style of Another Green World or Zuckerzeit-era Cluster,
with groovy bass lines, wordless vocals and the trademark synth/tapes/radio experiments !
Make sure to buy the LP from twisted knister and support these guys, they deserve it!!

idea fire company - stranded

miaux - s/t 7''

the shadow ring - lindus

 ! ! 

v.a. - i hate the pop group

Fantastic comp of late 70/early 80 UK DIY punk/electronic weirds, featuring the Prats,
the Door & The Window, EG Oblique Graph, Storm Bugs, Doof and many others... 
not my own rip, but this is still hard to find, so here you go.


elklink - the rise of elklink

"Also from Polyarmory comes a cassette release by Graham Lambkin of The Shadow Ring and co-conspirators, recording under the name Elklink. It's called The Rise of Elklink, and it's one odd puppy. I think the only source of sound is the human voice, but this voices are multilayered, slowed down, sped up, chopped into tiny pieces, turned into unrecognizable goo, etc. Shadow Ring fans will recognize the cadence of the opening track "Tension TEC" wich actually features words recognizable as words, but from there it just goes off the deep end. I was reminded of several things, such as the last half of Alvin Lucier's "I Am Sitting In A Room", those whispers-interludes on "We're Only In It For The Money" by The Mothers Of Invention, and various instances of "satanic" back-masking on psych-rock and heavy metal records (though Elklink don't need back-masking - they sound rather "satanic" when the tape is running forward). In any event, living in Miami Beach hasn't made Lambkin "soft"; Elklink is actually weirder than The Shadow Ring" Brad Sonder 

Reissued by Lambkin's Kye label recently; grab it on vinyl while you still can...

conrad schnitzler - slow motion

Unreleased soundtrack to an underground movie made in 1972. One of the best records I've heard from him, with 3 long mysterious pieces. Released in December 2010 by new Qbico sub-label, Sagittarius A-Star...