the pickle factory - our anthems

recently unearthed 1996 recording by the trio of Scott Foust & Karla Borecky of 
Idea Fire Company, plus Mike Popovich. Just a fantastic LP, 
this is a kind of a 'pop' take on the IFCO sound, a series of beautiful 
sound vignettes in the style of Another Green World or Zuckerzeit-era Cluster,
with groovy bass lines, wordless vocals and the trademark synth/tapes/radio experiments !
Make sure to buy the LP from twisted knister and support these guys, they deserve it!!


Anonymous said...

Man, oh man... Is there a chance you have Doug Hream Blunt's "Gentle Persuasion" ? Anyway, glad you're back ! Thanxx from France for all the Ultra eczema stuff !!

☯☯☯☯☯ said...

hey! no we don't have that... didn't know this one but it sounds kinda cool :)

Jean-Luc said...

Good album thank alot, and glad you are back to posting stuff on here ! used to check this blog for updates all the time. One of the tracks on this I had heard on this nice compilation: