SIRF 88 - mild interrogation

SIRF 88 is a brand new activity from christopher forgues' mind. it's consisting of him and Emily Shinada. this tape is really amazing. one of the best things i've heard from CF. Maybe you can still get one here.

popol gluant - solo piano

nice LP by hendrik hegray's popol gluant on the always great hundebiss records

Popol Gluant is the obscene creature of Hendrik Hegray, the guy with moustache behind the observatory for contemporary outsider drawings called Nazi Knife. Pretty infamous for his own intense live performances, Hendrik collected a lot of tapes during the years but he relly can't edit so he decided to send a selection of some crappy cassettes with some notes to ST at Hundebiss Records. The result is a fluorescent creeping lava, moving from schizoid collage to droney obsession for coming back in a burlesque avant-garde parody.

larry marshall - queer and wonder

ok---- this is fantastic- 

this album is a collection of songs from larry marshall, an elusive and mythic figure whose self-described “gothic folk...from the future” is presented here for the first time in glowing, psychedelic stereo-surround, etched on black wax.

larry has been living in rhode island for his entire life, and has performed at many of the storied (and now defunct) venues in and around providence, ri. despite this long history, his music is barely known outside of a small circle of close friends and die-hard local fans.

queer and wonder is a collection of songs from
 larry’s catalog: three tracks were previously released on asmall cassette edition from unskilled labor, and a track by the band box patrol (w/larry on vocals andpitch-pipe), was previously released on a cdr by the legendary fort thunder records. the lp is rounded off w/ a few live tracks from a solo gig in manchester, england, a live radio session, and some collaborationsunearthed from tapes found in larry’s apartment in west warwick, ri. - rare youth



tart was a trio consisting of graham lambkin of the shadow ring, and scott foust & karla borecky of idea fire company/swill radio. here's their two albums, still available on the label, for 15$ the two! YES! get them!

radio orange
"The debut LP from the trio of: Karla Borecky, Graham Lambkin, and Scott Foust, recorded and assembled over 8 months between 1999 and 2000. Tart is an exquisite combination of three distinct minds, much like the skillful structure of diverse, yet subtle, ingredients in a piquant and nostalgic recipe: The Past as well as The Future. Tart blends together these strange elements in an organic yet totally disciplined style that renders many of their contemporaries as either flabby or boring.
Radio Orange presents 7 original pieces of expertly edited new music-form. From the opening tape-collage miniatures, The Rabbits of Mangtarau (pts 1 & 2), through to the indeterminacy and excitement of the closing title-track, Radio Orange carves its identity through great use of diversified expression. The analog drone / vox duet: Astride Such Delicate Pins; the bizarre environmental action, Woman In Her Womb; the fragile tone composite, The Mums; and the grinding electronic surge of (the almost 20 minute) Chopin in a Shell all help complete the program in classic style. The overall sound is both hypnotic and explosive, with each side being carefully sequenced to maximize the fact.
Radio Orange comes complete with a beautiful full-color sleeve, designed by Karla, and contrasting monotone labels by Graham. The super-modernist avant garde continues to raise its aesthetic head under the romantic banner of the Anti-Naturals. Tart is fabulous."

bring in the admiral
"Tart (Graham Lambkin, Karla Borecky, Scott Foust) present the world with their second LP,Bring in the Admiral. Since the release of their first LP, Radio Orange, Tart has been plying their trade at various shows in the northeast U.S. Using the same minimal instrumentation as the live shows (two small Casios, guitar, and shotwave/cassette boombox, plus a few odds and ends and the Anti-Naturals trademark tight editing), Tart produces a dazzling array of scenarios, a testament to senseless deranged beauty. Beautiful color cover. Who doesn't need a little Tart in their life?"

dino & nic - the arc of nic & dino

cool collab between brett naucke & flower man; buy from catholic tapes-

"second release from this faux-italian duo following the 2xcs “plays theme from dino & nic” released earlier this year. the duo consisting of nic llamb (the videographer alias of chris bush from caboladiesflower man)and dino st. claire (the culinary alias of brett naucke from catholic tapes, etc) present another analog-modeled mess with a lacking attention span that rivals the first release. while at times the arc… explores the same odd rhythmic territory that made up a large percent of the first release, it also finds itself into extremely spaced out nic raecevic-worship zones with the duo in some uncharted underwater territory. a digital boat ride through caribbean nights on someone else’s boat. strange zone; weird brand."

rene hell/three legged race - violin petal (auden)/whipped secrets

great album. get it from arbor

the shadow ring - i'm some songs

yes this is still available from swill radio, along with lighthouse. 
i can't recommend this enough.

positive shadow - replication slave

bitchy cyborg trance. buy it from catholic tapes

conrad schnitzler - silver

call back the giants - s/t

It's reupped at the right speed !
And re-reupped with a better quality... sorry

fossils - the golden door

scorpion violente - s/t 12"

this is still available at bruit direct in france, and it's really good, 
and you really should buy it along with the others BR titles !

baronic wall - traditional appearance

russian tsarlag - there's a snake in my cash register

birds of delay - the cut

"you'll have to run thru a intense long brown tunnel before arriving at the best butcher in town! he'll cut your meat down to pure droned filet americain or preparé from the chef! bears and bowie lookalikes are huge fans, as this bird butcher sliced many famous animals since a young age. he grew from playing cards in the bar with the big nuts via pinching fags in the parc to a full blown fine line worker! spin him around and you get a conceptual artpiece, back to the old skool game of throwing cards on a table! poetics re-invented by dolle smurfen repeating the same word over and over again, until you eventually get it and snap, which usually takes a while. a perfect summer bummer for boiling brains and unusual double pleasure! classic tones, properly sliced feathers, and intense poetics."

hans grüsel's krankenkabinet - another miserable day

edmond de deyster - selectie 01

"This is the first in a series of Edmond De Deyster archival LP's. Edmond left an enormous unreleased pile of beautiful analog synthesizer recordings, all recorded on reel to reel taperecorders. These are the first recordings I found, although I'm not sure if they are really the first recordings he ever made. A bunch of tapes I got access to didn't mention any date or other specification, wich rather sums yp the whole style of his archive: no titles, no info, no nothing. Nevertheless, some of the tapes do mention a brief date, this first selection compiles two reel tapes labeled "1975". Most people that knew him describe him as extremely shy and non-communicative, his family didn't even know he was making music until late 80's. 
I would like to thank Edmond's family for their kindness and for granting me access to his archive. It's very unfortunate that his music has never been released during his lifetime. 
Edmond De Deyster died in 1999."

floris vanhoof - time slime

noise nomads - noise nomads

Can't (jessica rylan)

can't - new secret  (2005)

can't - can't  (2006)

can't - private time (part 2)  (2008)

evil madness - cafe cicago

wout vercammen - wout vercammen

luc tuymans & miroslaw balka - crazy horses

"This is a tape recording done on September 24, 1998 on the day of the exhibition "privacy" at Fundacao de Serralves in Porto, by Belgiums biggest contemporary painter Luc Tuymans and Polands giant brutal sculpturist Miroslav Balka. This recording took place in the building and garden of Fundacao de Serralves and Porto Palacio Hotel. The basic idea was to record the sound of running horses for a collaborative public sound sculpture by both artists, however during the process other sounds (such as drunk Venezualan singing, "vacuumcleaning", rambling, and discussions about Maurizio Catalan and the snake of jungle book who by the way "has a very stupid expression on his face") landed on the tape which changed the running horses into crazy horses. This record is released for the "involved" exhibtion in Shanghai, curated by Phillippe Pirotte. "

frieder butzmann - I'm a 7 inch single

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