larry marshall - queer and wonder

ok---- this is fantastic- 

this album is a collection of songs from larry marshall, an elusive and mythic figure whose self-described “gothic folk...from the future” is presented here for the first time in glowing, psychedelic stereo-surround, etched on black wax.

larry has been living in rhode island for his entire life, and has performed at many of the storied (and now defunct) venues in and around providence, ri. despite this long history, his music is barely known outside of a small circle of close friends and die-hard local fans.

queer and wonder is a collection of songs from
 larry’s catalog: three tracks were previously released on asmall cassette edition from unskilled labor, and a track by the band box patrol (w/larry on vocals andpitch-pipe), was previously released on a cdr by the legendary fort thunder records. the lp is rounded off w/ a few live tracks from a solo gig in manchester, england, a live radio session, and some collaborationsunearthed from tapes found in larry’s apartment in west warwick, ri. - rare youth


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