dino & nic - the arc of nic & dino

cool collab between brett naucke & flower man; buy from catholic tapes-

"second release from this faux-italian duo following the 2xcs “plays theme from dino & nic” released earlier this year. the duo consisting of nic llamb (the videographer alias of chris bush from caboladiesflower man)and dino st. claire (the culinary alias of brett naucke from catholic tapes, etc) present another analog-modeled mess with a lacking attention span that rivals the first release. while at times the arc… explores the same odd rhythmic territory that made up a large percent of the first release, it also finds itself into extremely spaced out nic raecevic-worship zones with the duo in some uncharted underwater territory. a digital boat ride through caribbean nights on someone else’s boat. strange zone; weird brand."

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