edmond de deyster - selectie 01

"This is the first in a series of Edmond De Deyster archival LP's. Edmond left an enormous unreleased pile of beautiful analog synthesizer recordings, all recorded on reel to reel taperecorders. These are the first recordings I found, although I'm not sure if they are really the first recordings he ever made. A bunch of tapes I got access to didn't mention any date or other specification, wich rather sums yp the whole style of his archive: no titles, no info, no nothing. Nevertheless, some of the tapes do mention a brief date, this first selection compiles two reel tapes labeled "1975". Most people that knew him describe him as extremely shy and non-communicative, his family didn't even know he was making music until late 80's. 
I would like to thank Edmond's family for their kindness and for granting me access to his archive. It's very unfortunate that his music has never been released during his lifetime. 
Edmond De Deyster died in 1999."


Anonymous said...

You are the man! thanks looked for this for a while!

Anonymous said...

Ditto !!!

The second LP in the series is wonderful.